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Gilli is my name and I design and develop the web for humans. Along with spending way too much time on it, thinking about it, writing about it and talking about it. Seriously. Just ask my wife.

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If you like reading through the thinking behind the project, you have come to the right place.

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It’s rather recently that I started writing down my thoughts and ideas but I wish I had been doing it from the start. It helps me confirm my ideas and learn better.

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    Do's and don'ts for presentation and critique

    Design presentation can be a very delicate process, especially the initial presentations for a new project. If handled incorrectly it can cause a lot of stress for both sides, feelings can get hurt, bad morale can build and lack of progress overall. I've compiled several do's and don'ts that I…

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I like working with people who prefer usability over looks, communication over suppression and cooperation over competition.

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My name is and need your expertise for my company . The main goals of the project are and I hope to have them completed around . The budget for this is . Please reply to me at so we can take things further.


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