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Gilli is an expert designer, developer and problem solver combo who is dedicated to simple, intuitive and usable products.

Vast Majority of his clients choose to work with him again. You maybe have seen some of the work he did for clients like Rob Walling, Fog Creek Software, Peter Diamandis, Syncthing, SimplyCredit and others.

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Good communication is my pride and joy. I think it's the foundation of a good working relationship.

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If you like reading through the thinking behind the project, you have come to the right place.


It’s rather recently that I started writing down my thoughts and ideas but I wish I had been doing it from the start. It helps me confirm my ideas and learn better.

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    Native image lazy loading

    This feature has been longed after for a long time, by me at least. Until now you needed to use some library if you want to lazy load your images in all browsers, and you still do if you want to to work in all browsers. However you can start using lazy loading for images , as well as iframes…

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I like working with people who prefer usability over looks, communication over suppression and cooperation over competition.

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Interesting or not. Here are small notes, links and ramblings that may or may not have anything to do with the web.