Credit unions around America offer better rates than your average bank but due to their small size they have a hard time getting their name out there. So you might be completely unaware that a very good offer is available in a small credit union near you. That's where AutoRefi comes in. By giving you easy access to refinancing offers from various unions, with a single application.

Enter zip to start

Since the service is only available to a specific region we don't want to waste anyones time. Thus the first step is to enter your zip to make sure the person is eligable.

Once we have cleared the person as an eligible applicant we proceed to create an account and gather all the required personal information.

There can be joint applicant's on the loan that we need the information for. So in case the user chooses to add a joint applicant we collect their information on the next screen.

Car information

Now we're done with all the necessary applicant information we move on to the car information.

Document upload

The document upload was made to be flexible and quickly communicate the necessary documents. Once you upload a doc you choose what it's for and if you still need something it will say so between the upload field and the file list.


Once we gathered all the necessary information there is a chance to review. If anything doesn't look right, it's just a click away. Both by each section in the review and on the right half of the page where you can go back anytime, at any step of the process.


All is not over when the review is done. The user is able to come back and check up on the process, or even make new applications. Once there is an offer ready an email is sent out as well as it being visible right there in the dashboard.


On the offer page the user can compare the exact loan they want, with every difference clearly visible. How much they pay per month being the most obvious along with changes in APR depending on the length of the term.


Products like these allow credit unions to team up to give them an compatative advantage. It allows an otherwise tiny credit union that people are unaware of able to make an offer to a customer that otherwise would never have heard of them.

These kind of products are a real joy for me to design and build because they offer me a proper challenge to use my head to create a great experience that is simple and effective to use for the user.