Interesting or not. Here are small notes, links and ramblings that may or may not have anything to do with the web. Think of it like my own little private Twitter.

103 Bits of Advice


I stumbled upon this excellent collection of advice on things the writer wished he knew when he was young. The experience and mistakes of the writer really shine through his tips. I only know because I've made a lot of those mistakes myself, which gives…

Baseline Embed Test


I've added a feature to embed brand guides from my personal project, Baseline, and wanted to test it out here on a typical blog, with width constraints and other limitations. Here it is: iframe { width: 1px; min-width: 100%; border: 0; …

Baseline soft launch


I've quietly launched my new product, Baseline. Still testing things out so I haven't made much noise about it yet.

A logo I made got featured


It's always a nice feeling to see your work get shared. I just noticed some traffic to my website coming from a a little logo inspiration website featuring a little logo I made for a client. I don't normally do much logo work but once in a while a client…



I stumbled across this cute little blobmaker tool in my RSS feed today. It's a clever little app that helps you create blobs that you download as SVGs. This solves a small problem but it can be surprisingly frustrating to create blobs like that manually…

Contraste app


I just stumbled upon this nifty little app that sits on your desktop and let's you quickly and easily test text contrast.

Web design museum


I just stumbled across the web design museum. I remember a lot of them but somehow they always looked better in my memory. Who knows, maybe one day one of my designs will be there! :)

Using HSL for web development


Sara Soueidan goes into detail on how using HSL instead of HEX or RGB simplifies creating matching color sets and how powerful HSL can be.

Nice guide for using SVG on the web


Just came across this while searching the web regarding some SVG issue I was having. It's a nice reference guide to using SVG on the web. I had forgotten that you could use the <object> element for SVGs still be able to manipulate it with CSS and…

Inspiration: Emergence


I'm genuinely inspired and amazed by the design of this website for this investment fund. The portraits, the colors, the layout, everything, simply amazing.



Sounds like webmentions could possibly enable us to take back and own our identity a bit more on the internet.

FOSDEM Open Source Design videos are online


The FOSDEM Open Source Design videos are online. The presentation is a bit rough but if you have any interest in design and open source software I recommend checking them out.

Japan hotel


My wife and I have been thinking about visiting Japan and this interesting hotel just popped up in my RSS feed.

Theraputic motorcycle repair videos


Maybe it's just me but I find it very relaxing and theraputic to watch someone fix something. I also like fixing things myself and have a great interest in motorcycles. This guy I found on Youtube has a great collection of videos where he is fixing up old…