Design services

My style

I like to keep things simple, simple interfaces are easy to use, easy to understand, faster to load, and easy to maintain. Simple is however not lacking function. Simple is focusing on the important parts and cutting the fat off.

What I can do for you

I can design your product

Whether you need a design from scratch, a redesign, or you're having issues with a small part of you product, I can design it.

I can build your web based interface

My design chops are only a part of my skillset. I actually prefer to both design and then build the design since I believe some things can't be communicated with design tools. Knowing how they will function and then implementing it yourself removes a lot of wasted time that would otherwise be spent on trying to communicate exactly how that design will function.

I can work with your development team

I don't do back-end work but I'm happy to work with your development team in with whatever backend they already work with. I've worked with so many different technologies in the past that I'm quick to pick up a new repo and get to work.

Let's get to work

Get in touch with me and I will reply with a proposal within a couple of days.