Design is essentially how information is portrayed. It dictates how a user will interact with your product. How it will make him feel. And how easily his or your goals get accomplished.


I start by doing my homework by getting to know you and your product. By understanding that I can plan and organise your content in a logical and usable way.

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User flow

Creating a map of the user flow for is the basis for a good experience. It gives us an overview of goals and how the user will achieve them. Where information is provided and potential bottlenecks.

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What goes where? Wireframing is the p that we can start prototyping on. I sometimes spill this part into the Visual design when I think the brand can play an essential role on this process. That can also help to portray how it will really feel when black and white just aren’t enough.

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Visual design

This is where your brand and details get added to the wireframes and user flow. Often mistakingly seen as the entire design process.

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Usually a part of Visual design and Wireframing. Prototyping puts the design to the test to check its effect and feel.

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Responsive design

Taking every device and screen size into consideration ensures your users will have a smooth experience no matter what device they decide to use.

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Style guides

Taking the Visual design and splitting it into atoms in a style guide outlines all the elements in one place. I usually translate it into reusable elements on the development side where you can visit and pick out the styles you need for the development.

This can really help bridge the gap between back-end and front-end developers. The back-end developers can pick out the styles they need and apply them easily without waiting for the front-end developer.

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